Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Pushing Past Perfect

We are about to embark on our six-month-long road trip, and I'm freaking out over here. Nothing is perfect yet. I haven't started the new blog I wanted to document the journey. I can't think of the just-right words to start it, or the brilliant title to name it. I have 5 different possible routes mapped and they are always changing. I haven't confirmed reservations anywhere, since we haven't solidified the route. I haven't even figured out which mail forwarding system we will use, and the camper is nowhere near tidy and organized for departure. Ron is still figuring out the best way to notify his clients and is still training his apprentice to help him while he is gone. All of this is true, and we leave in a matter of weeks. Weeks! 

As I mentioned, I'm freaking out over here. And this is how it goes. For us, anyway. Some families really have their shit together but the planning and organizing parts of my brain are currently broken, and since that's my role in the family ... well, there you have it.

But then I open my roadtrippers map to the latest version, and I look at the destinations we aim to visit, and I imagine our little family sitting riverside, and spending time hiking, playing outdoors, and meeting new and different people, and I relax a little. We are not completely unprepared. In fact, we have been planning for months, and have been doing our best to make every little miracle happen so we can do this. And it is! It is. I may not have narrowed down the mail forwarding service, but I have done my research and we will decide tomorrow. We have downsized our life from a moderately large home to one camper and a storage unit. Every day I replace something in the camper that won't travel well with something that will. I continue to purge belongings. Ron continues to train his apprentice. We continue to talk about the journey and make changes and argue and then maybe cry a little, but we move forward. We have taken our senior cat Eliana to vacation with my mother, who will pet and feed her while we are away. I don't have a new blog to document everything, but I have this one, at least for now. So things aren't perfect, not at all, but we are ready. We are pushing past that niggling feeling that everything must be exactly right and we are doing it. Just like I did with this post, when I wrote those first words, imperfect and unsatisfying as they were. I did it.

And here it is. And there we go.