Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Perspective: I Have It

Lately, I have been feeling overwhelmed by all that is on my plate. I spend each day in a multitasking whirlwind of insanity, yet I can never keep up. This will not change until sometime in March, and even then, I might be freed of some work responsibilities, but I will gain some worries, as I venture into the frightening world of freelancing. In short, it is all I can do to keep my head above water each day, and the future holds no promise of security.

And then I read a short update from my friend Anna. The cancer has spread to her lungs.

Suddenly, my worries seemed so small, so manufactured. All my concerns drifted into one: hope for my friend.

I may have more to do than I can manage, but at any point I can choose to simplify my life. I can choose to make changes that will make my life easier. It might not be simple or easy to do, but I could if it came to that. Right now, Anna does not have that same liberty. She cannot just choose to not have cancer. She has to fight for her life.

And so, at least for today while I am still blessed with this perspective, I will do Anna the service of not fretting so much about all the things I think I have to do. I will be grateful for my health and my options. And I will put all that extra energy I was using to worry into doing what I can to help my friend in her fight.

Many thanks to the power of perspective.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Wow. It's been a year since I last updated my blog. Been spending too much time working, being pregnant, having a baby . . . stuff like that, I guess. Also, perhaps a smidge too much time on Facebook. Butwhat'reyagonnado?

Anyway, Last year I made a whole slew of resolutions which, looking back, seem funny to me. I don't think I did one of them. Good intentions, path to hell, you know. So this year I'm not resolving anything. I'm going to fly by the seat of my pants and see where that takes me. I might set some goals, probably should, but I'm definitely not making them public this time. Besides, if I've learned one, no wait - three things - from 2011, it's 1) you really can't know what the universe has in store for you from one moment to the next, 2) actions count for more than thoughts most times and 3) every day can be a new year if you want it to be. 

Today I think I'll finish my coffee, watch my baby (who is currently trying to roll over on her floor mat, which would be a first), and try to get some work done. That's enough for now.

Happy New year, everyone.